Sk8ers take note!


The municipalities of Campbell’s Bay and Litchfield, in collaboration with La Maison des Jeunes du Pontiac and Sport Loisirs Outaouais, have funded a skate park on the Campbell’s Bay municipal
rink property.

Darlene Pashak

CAMPBELL’S BAY —Skateboarders and roller bladers: check out the newest addition to Campbell’s Bay at the municipal rink property! A fenced-in skate park the municipalities of Campbell’s Bay and Litchfield, Maison des Jeunes du Pontiac and Sport Loisirs Outaouais funded is open for your gnarly sk8ing tricks! (awesome skateboard manouevers).
Campbell’s Bay Director General Sarah Bertrand provided the details. After
the municipality and Maison des Jeunes (MDJ) completed an online survey last year, along with opening a new location for MDJ at the former library, other interests such as the skatepark were mentioned, especially since none exist in the Pontiac.
There are a few rules to follow, in order to ensure safety of all users, even in case of a wipe out: mandatory helmets, no BMX or other bicycles. Scooters are under review and are currently not permitted. And users must respect the hours of use: best to check the municipal website for updated hours. At the time of publishing, it was open 4-6 pm Wednesday, Friday 4-8 pm and Sunday 2-4 pm. Hours will be expanded as COVID restrictions relax and MDJ is back at its location near the skatepark, said Bertrand.
COVID distancing rules are also in effect: people over 10 must wear masks covering the nose and mouth, keep a distance of two metres from each other, avoid
the park if experiencing symptoms, and there’s a maximum 12 skaters at a time (orange zone).
The park must be supervised, said Bertrand, and is under video surveillance. She added, “Once we reach June 11 and approach the green zone, restrictions are less strict in terms of sports and leisure activities. For now, the municipality is and has always been diligent with following the public health guidelines to ensure the safety and health of
our community.”
The park is recommended for people age 10 and over.
Bertrand noted that along with many other developments in Campbell’s Bay—a basketball court in development, the splashpad, and a downtown park project announced earlier this month—the skatepark improves sports and leisure opportunities for people of all ages. “We’re excited and proud to improve this space for our residents and hope to attract tourists and new families to our town,” commented Bertrand.
An official opening will be celebrated in person during a grand opening of the MDJ youth centre once public health guidelines allow it. In the meantime, enthusiastic skaters can have a sesh (skateboard session) to perfect their alley-oop during opening hours!