Ski Pontiac boasts successful year and great trails


Ski Pontiac held its annual general meeting, February 27,
highlighting the success of the organization’s new four-season trail.

Deborah Powell

BRISTOL – Ski Pontiac held its annual general meeting online, February 27. President Les Orr reviewed the past year, thanking volunteers and underlining the accomplishment of receiving MRC support for the construction of the new four-season non-motorized recreational trail.
“It was a great year, even with COVID restrictions. Bigger and better things are to come for us as we continue to grow,” said Orr.
Ski Pontiac received $42,899 from the Development Projects program of the Regions and Rurality Fund (FRR) in October 2020 to build a 3.5 km
all-season recreational trail in partnership with Pine Lodge. It’s open to the community during the winter months for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing and the rest of the year for walking, running and cycling.
Ski Pontiac was responsible for contributing $7,000 toward the project and ongoing maintenance. The organization created a crowdfunding page through the Charity Village website, which has raised about $6,000 to date. The donation box at the trailhead is always open, and Treasurer Carolyn Campbell is creating an annual sponsorship program to provide a steady source of funding to supplement annual grants from Bristol municipality. Fundraising continues in order to make improvements to the recreational trail, which has already proved popular as a winter walking trail for those who don’t ski or snowshoe.
Ariane Cloutier agreed to another term on the board as social media
coordinator. Terms for a number of other board positions will expire at the end of November 2021. A new board position, Ski Pontiac partner, was
created and filled by Pine Lodge’s Jodi Thompson.
Trail visitors are reminded that dogs are to be leashed at all times when using the trail.