Solutions from far away


It was a long time ago in 1988.

It was a long time ago in 1988. My visit to Japan was two-fold: combined with receiving my ‘Superior Prize’ from the Hakone Open-Air Museum for my ‘Multiple/Multilateral sculpture’ titled "Desire", and my visit to the City of Fukuoka, where the second cast of my M/M sculpture titled "Melody", also a winner of ‘Superior Prize’ in the First Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition, 1986, was unveiled to public.
City officials gave me a car trip to visit an active volcano. During our drive I noticed a red blinking light and a buzzing sound which the driver explained was the computer informing us that we are close, or past, the speed limit, and we slowed down.
What a remarkable and humane solution to avoid ticketing drivers, with the speeding ticket only as a last resort of correction on Japan’s roads. A most sensible action, before punishment — and that was 30 years ago.Is it our colonial inheritance which motivates us to punish first?

Rasto Hlavina, PONTIAC