The nuclear dump at Chalk River


I either read the election materials or listened to the candidates (at least some of them) speak in person, and during their question periods (when there was one) I asked each candidate what they were going to do about the proposed huge radioactive dump upstream from us. None of them mentioned the dump in their speeches. Many agreed with me that it poses an “existential threat” (as they say) to the entire population of western Quebec and eastern Ontario, not to mention the threat it poses to our region’s water supply through its daily leaks. I have told each of them that I will vote based on this issue alone – and that many others are saying the same thing. At our cottage in Norway Bay, the nuclear dump is a common topic of conversation. I haven’t heard a single person defend it as a good thing for us here -or for Canada. Especially their plan to build and spread a new generation of smaller reactors (multi-stage facilities)!

Alicia Burnet
Norway Bay