The Pope’s visit


At first I thought the Pope’s visit to a few of Canada’s native communities would be a good thing, “turning the page”, as people like to say. When I heard that he was not apologizing for something the Church itself had done for generations but was merely saying he is sorry it all happened, and how terrible it must have been, etc, etc. I started to think this visit was maybe just a propaganda move by what, frankly, is a criminal organization. Those dead children represent criminal acts, don’t they? Can you see them some other way? Were they just big mistakes made over and over and over — by a few bad (perverse) apples? Then I saw on the news that the Pope’s visit is on our tab — we, you and I who probably weren’t even alive when all this horror was happening, we are paying for this charade? The news said it cost us thirty million dollars.

And to cap that off, many of the people being apologized to do not even have clean water in their communities — let alone minimal housing, schools, and health services. The Pope knows this, of course. I expect he will donate those 30 million dollars his trip cost us to get clean water, real schools, etc, to all the “souls” the Pope is so concerned with. Of course he is concerned with their drinking water and basic health, he said he was in so much pain over what had happened. So when do we think the Pope will announce this 30 million return?

William Doffman
Allumettes Island, Pontiac