Theatre performance st DWKS


Geordis Theatre group inspire Dr Wilbert Keon students.

Peter L. Smith

L’Isle-aux-Allumettes: Students in both elementary and secondary grades were treated to a special performance of theatre, Tuesday, March 8, by the group Geordie Theatre Productions. The performance was funded in part by an Arts Inspire Grant.

Geordie Theatre’s mission is to provoke thought, fire up the imagination and seek to encourage and challenge their audience. This in turns helps foster and strengthen strong school spirit.

Many other activities and events are scheduled for later this month all under the theme of “School Spirit”. Dr.Wilbert Keon students and staff pride themselves on showing a high level of school spirit despite their small student population; this is not seen as a disadvantage because everyone interacts as a family or tight knit community. Students are keen to become involved in extracurricular activities, interacting with educators and each other, helping younger students with their studies or other related educational activities. Students have volunteered at the local sports complex throughout this past season, as an example.

Since 1980, Geordie Theatre has been producing and presenting plays that are important to young people; stories they can relate to, in a context that reflects the world around them and their personal experiences at home.