Two new doctors in the Pontiac


Maryam Amini

SHAWVILLE – The Lotus Clinic in Shawville recently hired two new full-time family doctors. Dr. Shahabi and Dr. Mira finished their residency in other parts of Quebec, one in Rivière-du-Loup and one in Montréal. They will be working at the Lotus Clinic 4 days a week, and will also be available for work in the emergency room at the CLSC in Mansfield.

Joanne Romain, the owner of Lotus Clinic, told the Journal that hiring these doctors is not related to the new health reforms in Quebec. “We are working on attracting new doctors. We must sell our region by persuading the doctors that we have good working conditions, there is no traffic, etc. We are not in a crisis of lacking doctors right now but if we don’t continue hiring doctors, we will be in crisis in the future, as other doctors retire,” she added.

Romain explained: “We were in contact with [Dr. Shahabi and Dr. Mira] for six to eight months, sending letters back and forth. They came here several times to see the area, talk with other doctors and know more about the environment and the community. We were lucky they were interested in working here and chose this region. Now they will be able to take care of the patients on the family doctor waiting list and some of those currently being treated by retiring doctors. At the clinic, we offer them equipment, staff and everything they need to start their job.”

“Doctors who work in the region sometimes keep a foot in the city,” added Romain. “They sometimes stay in the nearest cities like Aylmer. I know that Dr. Mira has rented an apartment in Pontiac. She starts her work on May 18, while Dr. Shahabi already started earlier this month.”