Where is the NDP?


The May 22nd issue of the Pontiac Journal carried two interesting items

The May 22nd issue of the Pontiac Journal carried two interesting items
regarding the upcoming federal election and the role of smaller parties. Basically both, Rolf Cousineau’s  letter “Deciding at the last moment?” and Fred Ryan’s “After the flood….” column, asked why these smaller political parties are not visible at this timeand suggest they are playing possum.
It’s important to remember how the two main parties have sabotaged the smaller
parties. First, the Conservatives under Harper cut the public funding formula
to political parties, thereby savagely undercutting the financial base of smaller ones, seriously hindering their political action efforts. The Liberals in turn promised a new voting system that would more fairly reflect votes, rather than the winner take all system we currently have; they never followed through. Both actions have the effect of keeping the smaller parties down and are something voters should be seriously questioning.
Voters can however contact their “small” local riding associations and talk to the members. They are actively working in difficult circumstances to get their voice heard, and they need the support of people with progressive ideas and values. People are frustrated with their representation, and there are many reasons for it, but there are ways and means to help, to be better informed, and to make democracy work. Getting involved is a good way to begin.

Carl Hager