Why should we get their mess?


Why is a pipeline in BC of concern to us? It is because today I am a

Why is a pipeline in BC of concern to us? It is because today I am a
citizen of my country and of the world. It is important that we find alternatives to fossil fuels. We cannot undertake a project that will need billions in investments, on a long term project that will last decades and have a destructive effect on the environment and the fauna and the people, and other countries as well. Pollution has no boundaries and spills have proven to be inevitable and impossible to clean completely – mistakes always occur.
Industry needs to come up with safer, more modern means of production and spend more on research and development to find greener alternatives. Greener alternatives mean a better life for us and our decedents. Greed is no excuse for destruction anymore. We must fight back those who care (only) for their own luxuries and power. They have been in control for too long and have created many messes, left for the tax-payers to clean up. Our politicians and leaders must speak and take action now, on our behalf, before this project gets too far. 
The Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion is too risky for the economy, climate, coast, and for progress on Indigenous reconciliation.

Fran Ranger