Your cheque for $500 … isn’t yours, entirely



Premier Legault’s promise in his March 2022 budget to send every family a $500 cheque is intended to help them recover from the chaos of Covid and to assist Quebec families deal with the new inflation we are all facing. Besides, this year has a provincial election in October — just in time for voters to express their gratitude for the cheques!

Legault appears much more focussed on the electorate than on competing parties. Their competition is fierce, with the Quebec solidaire party steady rising in popularity, while the PQ flounders and the Liberals remain weighed down by their policies when they were in power (ie the Liberals’ “reform” of the health care system which knocked Pontiac’s hospital from its upper ranking to its present status, without obstetrics, without specialists, without the input from the local physicians who proved to be genuine management experts).

What about us, the target voters? Can we do anything with those cheques, other than cash them? Is there no bonus advantage we can take with those cheques? Funny you ask … because there is.

It works like this. If we each spend our cheque on ourselves that will mean one person, or one family, served. But if we were to commit to spending these cheques here in the Pontiac, then we help not only ourselves, but local shop owners and their families, all they employ (local folks, local students) and their families. We help the owners who rent facilities, and the businesses’ own service people, and all these extra families downstream, plus all the spending they also do — locally. Talk about a multiplier effect!

To make a $500 cheque expand multiple times, we all have to participate. Then we get the multiplier effect, wholesaled.

If we vote for our community we will receive benefits, year after year. We’ll have a stronger local economy, expanding and offering more services, one that can hire locals, and kids needing summer jobs. Our small communities might return to life! National brands, including banks, will return — and offer us more.

If we break this chain, the process ends. Then Amazon adds more to its gigantic bottom line, Amazon’s owner gets a few more millions for his billion-dollar personal yacht under construction. The Pontiac, what do we get? These cheques … and then they’re gone. We’ll still drive to the city for work, more people move away, investors look elsewhere, and even government services decline with our declining population. Mail-order doesn’t seem like a wise use for Legault’s cheques, does it?

A little self-control, folks. A little planning is needed here for us to turn these electioneering cheques into a community investment. For our communities.