About Us

“Uniting the Pontiac” is the mission  of the Pontiac Journal, an independent newspaper that has, since 1987, delivered bilingual news to every home, farm and business in the MRC Pontiac and the Municipality of Pontiac in West Quebec.

For the past 35 years, every second week, Canada Post has delivered copies of the Journal to the 20 communities located along the Ottawa River, west of Gatineau.  The Journal recently increased its distribution to 10,000 copies, reporting on the stories and issues that affect people living in these communities, in a positive and stimulating way.

The Journal is the only fully bilingual newspaper in the Pontiac, with both French and English reporters.  This unique coverage of our two linguistic communities gives readers award-winning editorials and columns, pertinent letters to the editor, and pages of interesting news stories.  As well, each issue has special advertising features from local businesses to keep readers informed about what is available within their communities and those nearby.

The Pontiac Journal is a member of the Quebec Community Newspaper Association, and the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce.  The growth and success of local business is at the heart of the Journal’s existence.

The Journal is affiliated with three other community newspapers, published out of an office in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau:  the Bulletin d’Aylmer, the West Quebec Post, and the newest addition, the Bulletin de Gatineau.  Together, these three newspapers give extended coverage across rural and urban Outaouais; a monthly “3-for-1” special section in all papers, increases distribution to over 50,000 copies.