A winner from Otter Lake library in Réseau Biblio contest


Photo: Glenda Beauregard, Sophie St. Aubin and Esther Dubeau.

On April 17, Sophie St-Aubin from Otter Lake was one of six lucky winners randomly drawn from 6,422 subscribers who participated in a contest through Réseau BIBLIO de l’Outaouais. She received a gift package that included three comic strips, two notebooks from Alex A’s creative workshops, a game called Le Cator en cavale and a box with a book and figurine. Local librarians Glenda Beauregard and Esther Dubeau were excited that a participant from Otter Lake was one of the winners. The local library is located in École St. Marie in Otter Lake, so students often participate in the weekly contests. “People don’t realize all the opportunities and potential our library has, and how lucky we are to still have it. We need to keep attendance and participation up by advertising all the great contests and services available; free Wi-Fi, museum and attraction passes for members, as well as the option to order in books”, said Glena Beauregard.

Crystal Dubeau