About the Fair


Much has been said about the Shawville Fair; here are a few points you may have missed.

Being associated with the Pontiac Museum, I had opportunity to observe the summer-long preparations that were done all over the grounds – cleaning, painting, installing new paddock areas, etc. That made for a Fair that came together, and then apart, very efficiently. The organizers are to be congratulated on a job exceptionally well-done.

The bands were all very good, but the bass was over-amped to such a degree that I couldn’t listen on the fairgrounds and found it more enjoyable listening from half a block away. Mind you, I’m a singer-guitar player in a rock band, so I’m not at all allergic to loud music, and I’m not alone in my assessment of the over-loaded bass. I’d like to have had a better look at the performers, but listening to them at a distance was alright.

There was no facility for separating food waste, cans, and paper or plastic; I found that troubling at first, then I just had to relax and tell myself that it’s just one week, and then we can all be more careful with putting leftovers where they belong. The post-fair cleanup was surprisingly quick and thorough.

Bigger isn’t always better, but this year’s Fair was both.

Robert Wills,
Shawville & Thorne