AutonHomme Pontiac offers bereavement support groups


CAMPBELL’S BAY – Since September 18, Psychotherapist Ali-John Chaudhary has hosted bereavement support groups, open to all, at the AutonHomme Pontiac office in Campbell’s Bay. The workshops, aimed at providing solace and assistance to those grappling with grief, take place every Monday. Chaudhary recently detailed the sessions in an interview with CHIP FM.

Chaudhary elaborated on the significance of bereavement groups and their role in helping individuals navigate the complex terrain of grief. He highlighted the need for creating a safe space where people can express their vulnerability in a respected and supportive environment, enabling them to authentically confront their emotions. Chaudhary emphasized how a sense of community and shared experience can alleviate the feeling of isolation often associated with grief. He spoke of the profound impact of meeting others who are undergoing similar experiences and how it can reassure individuals their emotions are valid.

While the initial focus was on men, it became evident that grief transcends gender boundaries, prompting the decision to welcome participants from all walks of life.

Chaudhary also stressed the value of the groups for individuals who may not be directly experiencing grief, but wish to better understand and support those who are. The sessions offer insight into navigating conversations and providing aid to those in mourning.

During sessions, participants explore their grief journey as they delve into their emotions, gradually working through common grief-related themes. While the focus is on group discussions, individual counseling may also be provided within the group context.

Sessions are held Mondays at 7 PM and will continue until November 13, with the exception of Thanksgiving week. Interested individuals need not commit to attending every session; the format is designed to allow them to join as they feel comfortable.

For more information or to register, Kim Laroche can be contacted at 343-369-2346. Additional information and registration details can also be found on social media platforms.

Tashi Farmilo