Bryson Lions Cultural Evening & Trivia

The Boogie Babies took first place in the Bryson Golden Age Trivia Event, April 20. L/R: Sandi Swain, Jessica Palmer, John Cannon, Johanne Gregoire, Barb and Jim Shoobert.

Clifford Welsh

BRYSON – The Bryson Golden Age Club hosted a culture and trivia evening at the Bryson Lions Hall, Saturday, April 20. The hall was lined with arts and crafts projects created by Golden Age members from Bryson, Calumet Island and Campbell’s Bay, showcasing the Pontiac’s treasure throve of artistic talent. The items were produced at craft nights held over the past few months sponsored by the Golden Age Club as a cooperative venture funded jointly by the MRC Pontiac and the Quebec Ministry of Cultural Development.

The trivia component of the evening brought out three teams of seven contestants and one team of six to vie for the title of most knowledgeable on questions that covered local and international history, geography, science, religion, media and much more. Golden Age Treasurer Guy Racine explained the ground rules and called 15 questions per round plus one bonus question worth five extra points. There were eight rounds in total with a break after four rounds and a light lunch provided at the end of the evening.

Racine told the Journal that he had spent several months scouring news items and doing Google searches to find a variety of questions, some of which brought gales of laughter. The winning team with the most points was nicknamed the Boogie Babies (many of them are line dancers) consisting of Lise Bellefeuille, Sandi Swain, Jessica Palmer, John Cannon, Johanne Gregoire, and Barb and Jim Shoobert.