Cutting taxes is shifting taxes


I wish to comment on the coming Quebec budget. Budgets are very complex, with many details, too many for any one person to catch them all. We hear the rah-rah we are hearing about “cutting taxes”. It is very deceptive for the CAQ to claim they are reducing taxes. This is merely a shifting of taxes, not a reduction. For example, our municipalities – and don’t even mention the health care system!- they are short year after year just keeping infrastructure adequate. The provincial grants to municipalities will be cut, because less tax means the province now has less resources! And our municipalities will increase property taxes! Where are our savings, M. Legault?

This trickery has completely removed any support I had for the CAQ. I once thought they could end the baloney about separatism.

Lastly, your editorialists have several times called for more finances to the health system – and not privatizing it! Cutting taxes means less money to maintain a good health system. Where is the benefit here?

What deception!

Antoine Michel,
Norway Bay