EFW: Shut it down


The Pontiac is witnessing in real-time the death of many municipal political careers.

Our Warden, and several MRC mayors, continue to cling stubbornly to their dream of transforming the Pontiac into a trash receptacle for the region. Considering the environmental and financial risks, and the unanswered questions, of importing and burning up to 80 times more garbage than we produce, you have to wonder what their motivation is. The promise of up to 50 jobs is a very low return on an investment of (now) more than $500 million dollars. And believe me, the Pontiac has heard many promises in the past. Why are we putting ourselves though this charade of trying to solve a problem we don’t have?

I attended the recent Allumette Island public meeting hosted by the Warden and Mayor Spence to hear the Deloitte Report. For a $120,000 report, it was very short on detail. Both the Warden and Mayor Spence seemed to find it hard at times to hide their disdain for the many who questioned the wisdom of their plan.  They maintain they would not be doing their jobs if they did not present us with information on the incinerator option. True enough, but they are also not doing their jobs when they pay no attention to what voters are telling them. It’s always a good idea to listen to what your constituents are telling you. Especially when they are saying it with a loud voice and in large numbers.

There is an obvious and growing resistance to their incinerator scheme, and rather than admit it, they misread the wants of the electorate; they have gone rogue.

It takes guts to admit you’ve made a mistake. But I believe the citizens of the Pontiac would have more respect for their politicians (and this includes members of councils as well) if they put the brakes on this plan soon – before contracts and agreements are signed that will cost a fortune to get out of.

The clock is ticking toward November 2, 2025, when the next municipal elections will be held. Take a good, long look at your Warden, mayor and councillors, folks. Many of them may not be around on November 3.

Gerry Bimm
Otter Lake