Emily Rumleskie case update


François Carrier
Local Journalism Initiative

CAMPBELL’S BAY – The trial of Emily Rumleskie, charged in the accident causing the death of Sylvain Bégin in Mansfield in September 2020, is expected to begin at the end of February.

However, Rumleskie has already been behind bars for a few months for failing to comply with the conditions of her release. Simon Pelletier, Prosecutor for Criminal and Penal Prosecutions for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCPC), elaborated on the next steps and what put Rumleskie behind bars:

“Ms. Rumleskie is charged with, among other things, dangerous and impaired driving causing death and is now detained. She was released initially [but conditions were violated] so she was detained and released yet again before [committing more breaches] … So, she’s been in custody since September or October. Preliminary hearings took place over about 8 days. On February 27, there will be a preliminary inquiry before a judge at the courthouse in Campbell’s Bay where the investigating officer and witnesses will be heard. This date will hopefully end the preliminary hearing [process] in Ms. Rumleskie’s case,” he explained.

The February 27 hearing, to take place at the Campbell’s Bay Courthouse, will be open to the public.