Federal support for local journalism


Today (March 1), Sophie Chatel, Federal Member of Parliament for Pontiac, is proud to announce our government will renew its commitment to the Local Journalism Initiative, thus demonstrating ongoing support for strengthening rural communities and democracy across the country.

Since its inception, the Local Journalism Initiative has emerged as a fundamental pillar in supporting and promoting strong, independent, local journalism. It serves as a crucial engine for the development of journalism that meets the diverse needs of rural and underrepresented communities across Canada.

As Chair of the Rural Caucus, Sophie Chatel has played a key role in efforts to ensure that this initiative remains a powerful tool for enabling rural communities to access quality information.

The Local Journalism Initiative provides funding to eligible Canadian media organizations. These resources are intended to facilitate the hiring of journalists, thereby enabling the creation of journalistic content specifically tailored to rural communities.

Despite this significant commitment, many community radios and local newspapers remain at risk of closure. In this regard, Sophie Chatel will continue her collaborative work with other Liberal MPs from rural areas, advocating for the government to allocate a significant portion of its advertising budgets to local media.

Caroline Coutlée,
Media contact for MP Chatel