François Legault should keep his word on voting reform


At a general meeting in Montreal, the members of the New Democracy Movement (NDM) adopted an action plan that aims to ensure the next general election in 2026 be held under the aegis of a new mixed member proportional electoral system. NDM’s goal is to turn back Premier François Legault’s decision to stop reforming Québec’s democratic system, contrary to the initial commitment he made to the Quebec population and that he has reiterated on numerous occasions. The ambition of the members is, in the long run, to have a parliament truly representative of the will of the citizens.

The members of the NDM took the opportunity during the meeting to point out that François Legault had promised in the past to complete the democratic reform initiated by René Lévesque in 1968, that of providing Quebec with a democracy where every vote counts. They noted that the majority of the population is in favour of such a reform and that the concept is growing, especially among young people.

NDM has a mandate to consolidate and broaden public support for voting reform.

Jean-Benoit Ratté, NDM