FRR Stream 2: $350K available for community development projects


Tashi Farmilo

MRC Pontiac has launched a call for projects under the Regions and Rurality Fund (FRR) – Component 2, offering $350,000 for eligible projects that enhance living environments, stimulate community revitalization, and foster job creation within the MRC Pontiac. The initiative is made possible through collaboration with the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH).

The funding opportunity targets municipalities, band councils, cooperatives, and non-profit organizations operating within MRC Pontiac. To be eligible, applicants must engage with a representative from the MRC’s economic development department between August 16 and September 22, 2023. The call for projects was officially launched on August 15 and interested parties have until September 28, 2023 at noon to submit proposals.

The call for projects covers the entire MRC Pontiac, highlighting a comprehensive strategy for community development. The mayors’ council has identified key areas of emphasis for the 2023 projects, encompassing tourism, culture and heritage, economic growth, agriculture, socio-community initiatives, environmental advancements, and forestry activities.

Andrée Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs, emphasized the funding’s potential to invigorate the MRC Pontiac through various initiatives. She encouraged promoters to participate actively in the call, underscoring the impact such endeavors can have on the community’s overall quality of life.

In March 2020, the MRC Pontiac signed an agreement with MAMH under the Regional and Rurality Fund’s Support for Local and Regional Development Competence of MRCs component. This collaboration has enabled the allocation of funding for a variety of projects aimed at advancing the development of the region.

For additional information and application details, interested parties can visit the MRC Pontiac website at: