Greed is the driving factor these days


Conservatives repeat the cliché that government is too big and wasteful, however the following scenario is never stated: that big business robs people.

Everything is big these days: Amazon profits by having people use its services to make purchases from retailers all over the world, while Facebook and other mass media outlets surreptitiously gather data which is sold to “free enterprise marketeers.”As well, while Canadians find it hard to put food on the table, food retailers are making huge profits despite Covid and inflation. Billionaires have never had it so good! The average annual salary of a CEO of large corporations is about thirteen million dollars.

Why has housing become so expensive and unaffordable to ordinary Canadians? Builders make profits first and foremost: the housing needs of Canadians are displaced for the almighty dollar. Why do gigantic oil companies, who are making billions in profits, get subsidies from the government? How is it that the pharmaceutical companies are declaring huge profits? The banks make billions in profits even as they pay a pittance in interest to Canadians.

Fred Ryan is correct in his “Go Build a Free Canada” editorial that one of the threads of the current political discourse is that government is “too big” or “wasteful.” But
I think it’s important to take note that our free enterprise companies are also too big, wasteful, and that they profit heavily at the expense of Canadians.

We need government to fight back for us. Why aren’t the Conservatives talking about that?

Carl Hager