Green jobs from a Just Transition


It has been frustrating but not surprising to see Alberta Premier Danielle Smith stirring up a new wave of fear and anger about the inevitable transition to clean energy.

Smith obviously wants to motivate her base leading up to the spring election.

But no matter what Smith wants to believe, the fossil fuel era is ending. Between the hard truth of the climate crisis and the rapidly declining cost of clean power, the energy transition is going to be painful for energy workers unless we have a robust transition plan in place.

The idea of a Just Transition might outrage Big Oil and their allies, but the vast majority of Canadians are ahead of politicians in our support for the idea. Polling shows most of us recognize that clean energy will bring good jobs along with cheaper and more reliable electricity. Everyday people want our government to work on a Just Transition, not against it, so no worker or community gets left behind.

Tiffany White