Indignation at church break-in


Recently, a crime was committed: a break-in at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Greermount. The vandals broke in through the main entrance and smashed a window from the inside. Does this mindless person, or persons, have no respect for the loved ones that are buried there? Do they have no respect for the early settlers who built these churches and made this land what it is today through sheer hard work? Over the years, minor acts of vandalism at St. Stephen’s have been tolerated. Now it’s time to speak broadly about it, for fear of what could happen next. If anybody reading this has any information who the culprit/culprits might be, I would encourage them to report it to the police.

At first, one feels anger and annoyance. When those feelings fade, the hurt sets in, and it seems to stay.

Paul Stanworth