Kim Lesage: “I’m really excited about this new position”


Maryam Amini

MRC PONTIAC – At the February MRC mayors’ meeting, it was announced that Kim Lesage was hired as the permanent Director General (DG). Lesage was the interim DG for a few months after the departure of former DG Bernard Roy. She had been working as the MRC’s engineer and will now have two roles until the MRC finds a new engineer; she will help council prepare the job posting and will supervise the successful candidate for a while, once they are hired.

Lesage says she decided to apply for the position after she took some time during the Christmas break to consider it carefully. “I worked for a few months as the interim DG and I enjoyed the job, so after some time thinking about it, I decided to apply. I was lucky to have the opportunity to work as interim for a while I could look at files and communicate more with the staff. I was also familiar with a lot of the files, since I worked there for 5 years; that was helpful. My plan is to get more involved in everything, but it will probably take a year or two to dive into it all. There are many different files we are working on like water courses, waste management, economic development, etc.

I am now involved in a lot of meetings.

“I am really excited for this new position; it is exciting to be able to work with everyone in the Pontiac and be part of our vitalization,” she concluded.