Local gardening business networks at horticultural trade show

Michael Matischuk, Semences Allumettes / Matches Seeds at the Horticultural Trade Show. (Photo submitted)

Peter L. Smith

SAINT-HYACINTHE – The 2023 Expo Quebec Vert Trade show for horticultural and landscaping professionals was held November 1 to 3, in St-Hyacinthe. This year a local gardening and seed company from L’Isle-aux-Allumettes , Semences Allumettes / Matches Seeds joined with other exhibitors to network and meet industry suppliers.

Exhibitors included suppliers for landscaping materials, machinery and equipment, seed companies and many other groups. There were many speakers presenting their fields of expertise including “The Art of Planning a Four Season Garden” by Hélène Baril, Horticulturist and Landscaping Consultant and “Good Greenhouse Practices” by Natacha Danis, M.Sc., Urban Agriculture Consultant and Energy Efficiency Analyst, Eco Gaïa . Each year the show attracts close to 5,000 visitors.

Matches Seeds owners, Michael Matischuk and Gabriel Lortie, just completed their first year of operation selling a variety of seeds and garden related products. They were a regular vendor at the Marché de Chapeau and are in the process of building a greenhouse on their business site located on Cottage Road which will allow them to further expand the business.