MP Chatel tours to discuss health care, inflation and green development


Maryam Amini

MRC PONTIAC – Pontiac MP Sophie Chatel has been touring the region to discuss concerns with local politicians, doctors and other stakeholders. She also spoke to several mayors about available funding, and bringing more money to the region for local development.

“Through our program search service, we offer information about the thousands of existing programs that may be available locally, targeted to the specific needs of the applicant and the nature of the project. Applicants need simply to complete a form to apply for the various programs.”

She also discussed local health care needs and concerns. “Our government has announced $198.6 billion in additional federal funding over the next ten years. I am preparing letters to our health minister to explain the needs in rural areas.The biggest problem is lack of specialists and staff.”

Regarding increasing costs, Chatel stated: “We are trying to decrease costs by 2-3 % but that will likely take a year. I know that 2023 will be tough for a lot of people, but we are working on it.”

“We doubled the GST credit for six months, sending hundreds of dollars to 11 million families, and we have enhanced the Canada Workers Benefit (up to $1,400 for low-income workers). We are cutting childcare fees in half and making childcare more accessible in Quebec, and we have increased the Old Age Security pension by 10 per cent for seniors 75 years and older (i.e. $800 in new support). As well, we have indexed the following; the Canada Child Benefit, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, and the Guaranteed Income Supplement. We are helping students by doubling the Canada Student Grant (up to $6,000 per year), and we are waiving interest on Canada Student Loans. We are also financing dental care for children and sending out a tax-free payment of $500 to provide direct support to low-income renters. More details onthe Canada Housing Benefit is available at – The deadline for this grant is March 31.

We will also stay focused on our goal to create good-paying jobs, expand the middle class, and build an economy that works for everyone.”

Chatel believes the tough financial situation for small businesses in the area will improve when inflation is more under control after 2023.

Chatel emphasized she is still working on environmental projects; “Our Green and Prosperous Outaouais project is in the consultation phase, and now we need public input. We held 3 round tables and have finalized the topics and extracted the best ideas. People can go to to voice their opinions. I hope this project helps us move towards a green economy. We have lots of resources that make our region unique, and we need to take care of them while using them properly to develop more.”