New Campbell’s Bay bylaw

Campbell’s Bay Mayor Raymond Pilon reviews the new buildings bylaw at a public consultation, April 1. (DKS)

Campbell’s Bay introduces new bylaw regarding buildings

Dale K. Shutt
Local Journalism Initiative

CAMPBELL’S BAY – At a public consultation held April 1, Campbell’s Bay Mayor Raymond Pilon and Director General Sarah Bertrand outlined a new bylaw concerning the occupancy, maintenance, health and safety of buildings. Pilon and Bertrand said that their main concerns in drafting the bylaw were the safety and comfort of owners and neighbours.

Replacing an existing bylaw, which dealt mostly with sanitation issues, the new bylaw is much broader. Bylaw 102-2024 was created in compliance with new mandates handed down by the Quebec legislature who set a deadline of 2026 for municipalities to comply. The bylaw must set standards for maintenance and repair, access to water, sewage, heating and lighting. It also provides rules for exterior cladding, snow removal and safe exit and entry. Heritage buildings are included with special provisions.

The owner of a building incompliant with the new bylaw can expect visits from a designated officer to assess the property. If the officer finds there is a violation, a written notice will be sent to the owner outlining the repairs or maintenance required and the deadlines for completion of the work. Anyone contravening or refusing to comply with the notice could be fined and required to pay associated costs.

The proposed bylaw was passed by council on April 2.