Pontiac Council – A private road problem persists


Mo Laidlaw

At the March 14 2023 Pontiac Council meeting in Luskville, newly hired Assistant DG, Louis-Alexandre Monast was introduced by Mayor Roger Larose. He was present along with Councillors and acting DG Mario Allen.

Ten members of the public attended, and half were concerned with details of the recently drafted resolution concerning the tolerance roads, namely Ch Bélisle and Ch Bord de l’Eau. There was extensive discussion on this matter. Gravel work was done by the residents, and the bill was submitted to the municipality; however the municipality said those expenses would be residents’ responsibility as it was not council that ordered the gravel. The residents asked for a grader to smooth out a small section of the road, but the Mayor clarified that winter maintenance is not included. “The grader can pass in July,” he said, “We can’t fix Bélisle or everyone will want their roads fixed.” There was a mention of a forthcoming summer maintenance resolution concerning tolerance roads.

The municipality owns about half of the properties on Ch Bord de l’Eau, acquired following recent floods. Nine lots belong to out of town owners, and maybe a quarter of owners need access year round, therefore should the municipality be responsible for half of the maintenance? The road owner doesn’t want to municipalize as it goes against her father’s wishes.

Council approved the acquisition of Ch Wilmer as a municipal road, first requested in 2013.

Public Works

The draft umbrella borrowing bylaw for $1 million for equipment for Public works was passed. This will allow the municipality to carry out work at lower cost than outside contractors.

The Murray and Clarendon rehab project was postponed because of cost.
$94,262 plus tax / freight and delivery was authorized to buy membranes for the Quyon water treatment plant.

The insurance company estimates the cost of repairs to the municipal complex to be $42,000, which they will cover.

The acting DG is authorized to bid up to $2,000 plus fees, for a used fifth wheel, at Les Encans Ritchie Bros on 22-24 March.

Two requests to the CPTAQ to build residences at 747 Ch Pères Dominicains and 142 Ch des Trappeurs were approved by council.

The following amounts for financial support of local organizations were approved:
Blé d’Or et amis de Pontiac – $1,500;
Cercle socio-culturel – $1,000;
Club de sacs de sable – $500;
CHAL (CHAP, Centre Habitation des Aînées de Pontiac, a proposed seniors’ residence) – $2,000;
Lionettes – $500;
Friends of Chats Falls – $1,500;
Quyon Community Association – $6,000;
Table Autonome des Ainées des Collines – $7,750;
Centre Kogaluk – $5,000.

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