Pontiac Council Report


Mo Laidlaw
Local Journalism Initiative

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Council’s monthly meeting was held February 13 at the Luskville Community Centre, with eight residents in attendance and Councillors Amyotte and Allen absent.

Jane Gardner asked about work on ch Braun, supported by two other residents. Mayor Roger Larose explained that work to finish the road’s foundation will be done in the spring at the municipality’s expense. The cost to pave (in 2025) will then be determined and residents polled. If a majority request paving, they’ll be charged for half the cost over 25 years on their tax bills. If a majority refuse, it won’t be paved.

Bylaw 02-24 on agreements on sharing costs between residents and the municipality for infrastructure work was adopted (see municipal website for text of bylaw).

The computer server needs to be replaced to improve performance. Microrama’s offer was accepted for $26,500 plus tax.

The offer from Société d’Évaluation Immobilière de l’Outaouais was renewed to allow up to $3,500 in additional expenses.

An offer from MC Perrault for legal advice was accepted for a bank of 40 hours.

Existing municipal electoral divisions will be maintained for four more years.

Draft bylaw 08-24 to update the fee schedule for supplying goods and services was tabled.

Public works
A used snowscraper for snow removal in Quyon village will be bought from Excavation CMS for $3,800 plus tax.

Bylaw 03-24 on maintaining buildings was adopted to control dilapidated buildings that cause prejudice to neighbouring properties (see municipal website for text of bylaw).

Draft bylaws 05-24, 06-24 and 07-24 on minor variances, public nuisances and the planning committee (CCU) were tabled.

DWB Consultants will carry out an audit of buildings at 2311 ch Westbrook and 55 ch Frazer that must be demolished according to bylaws, due to dangerous conditions, for $2,860 plus tax per building. If the owners don’t collaborate, DHC Avocats are mandated to start legal proceedings. The MRC-des-Collines’ fire safety officer will assess their safety. A chartered appraiser will appraise the residual value of the buildings for $875 per building.

Drone Logik’s offer to obtain Lidar data from the sand pit and high-definition photos of the ecocentre area and the village of Quyon was accepted, for two surveys per year for two years.