Pontiac Council Report


Pontiac council report — Staff changes and a breach of trust

Mo Laidlaw

MUNICIPALITY OF PONTIAC – Council held its monthly meeting May 14 at the Breckenridge Community Hall with a few residents present.

Nicole Gibeault, a neighbour of 217 ch Cedarvale, spoke at length about the proposed resolution to have DWB consultants carry out a structural audit of the property. “It’s a slum, filthy and full of animals. It needs to be demolished. The structure is irrelevant,” her comments roughly translated to. She has been expressing concern about #217 for seven years.

Councillor Laforest proposed that resolutions 8.1 to 8.16 concerning planning and zoning including four new bylaws be removed from the agenda. This was passed 4:3, with Mayor Larose and Councillors Amyotte and Allen voting against. Laforest stated there’s a breach of trust between some councillors and the planning department.

—- Administration

Robert Erwin Transport Inc. was charged twice for sandpit extraction in 2022; $43,280 will be reimbursed, less $20,459 to cover payments due for 2023.

Mike McKenny was appointed committee administrator of Mohr’s Landing Quyon Port Authority following Councillor McCann’s withdrawal.

Bell recommends the town hall telephone system be upgraded to Bell Fibe. Microrama recommends upgrading the internet system at the same time (from Pioneer Wireless). This will cost $80.43 per month including taxes and was accepted.

Fabrique St-Dominique asked the municipality to take over the church and presbytery in Luskville. The mayor and Councillors Dagenais and Allen will work on an agreement with Fabrique representatives.

—— Public works and fire department

The director of public works was authorized to bid up to $30,000 for six containers and $30,000 for a “Chagnon roll-off trailer” to be used for moving containers at the eco-centre, at Ritchie Bros auctions.

Five roads were added to the draft bylaw on maintenance of tolerance roads.

A snow removal contract added 0.75 km — Destrier, Butte and Laurentides roads – and the contractor will be paid an additional $3,995 for last winter.

An agreement to provide certain fire protection services with La Pêche was accepted.

—- Recreation and culture

A short film ‘Les enfants ont peur” will be filmed at Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie school in Luskville and $2,000 will be contributed to the project.

A slush machine and syrups will be bought for the Country music festival and day camp, for $1,949, cheaper in the long-term than renting.

—- Staff changes

A day labourer and voluntary firefighter were hired.

Three employees resigned and were thanked for their service.

Four employees were terminated including two volunteer firefighters.