Pontiac Terry Fox: time to pass the torch


After 42 years of organizing the annual Pontiac Terry Fox Run, which celebrates his famous Marathon of Hope, John Petty and Rick Valin are ready to pass the torch to another organizing committee.

They want to thank all the volunteers and participants who have faithfully come out each year. According to Valin it has been an amazing experience over the past 42 years; they estimate that Pontiac raised close to $500,000 during that time, going to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.

Terry’s Marathon of Hope began in 1980, when he dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean and started his amazing quest to run across the country.  Unfortunately that was not to be:  when Terry’s journey ended in Ontario he said:  “If I cannot finish this journey, I need

others to continue.”

This is what John and Rick hope for the Pontiac Terry Fox run/ride/walk….that a group of committed people or a community organization will “Try like Terry” to keep this worthwhile cause alive in MRC Pontiac. Traditionally it has been held in Shawville, with the Shawville Lions Club providing support with a fundraising BBQ.  This could also be done in another community.

This year’s Terry Fox Day is slated for Sunday, September 17, 2023.  There is lots of time for people to step up and carry the torch forward…to keep Terry’s memory alive and to continue the good work of these two dedicated volunteers. It’s an important cause that touches each and every one of us.

For more information you can contact Rick Valin at 819-647-5609 or by email:  rickvalin@gmail.com.

Rick Valin and John Petty