Protect yourself


Many of us at one time or another have sold a property. When doing so one needs a surveyor. I sold a property in 2021 and hired a surveyor.

The lack of professionalism of this individual was simply appalling. He did not show for agreed meetings and did not bother to advise of his cancellation. He did not offer a written contract and assured me that the price quoted covered all expenses. He later reneged saying that it did not include the corner markers.

I did the Google review and filed a complaint ( in 2021) with the surveyors’ association. No results, just more justifications and… Maybe the association is overwhelmed with complaints and can’t cope. Maybe the association is understaffed. Maybe the association is exercising strategies known in the corporate world as “Dark Patterns”; using different methods of discouraging complainers to pursue and encouraging them to abandon.

My big mistake was to not demand a written contract. Not all professionals are born equal; some are, though competent, arrogant and irresponsible and frustrating.