Questioning the MRC


I get the impression from your newspaper and the other one and from local radio, that the MRC Pontiac is a closed book, as they say, a minor kingdom that doesn’t have to respond anything to the public, or is ever held responsible for its actions — or no-actions!

Even the grand promises like a community swimming pool or the re-opening of the sawmills, come to us with no details, no time-lines. To me, it is like we have government by press-release. Even the MRC’s monthly mayors’ meetings seem designed to hide information, not release or debate it — just file codes and vote
numbers! Who would go? Is this what you call government by bureaucracy, by unaccountable public servants?

How about a public meeting this winter on “making local government work”? Would you organize it? Would anybody come?

R. Romain
L’Isle aux Allumettes