Shawville – Clarendon open burning — legal?


After the ice storm my wife and I loaded our trailer with branches and a few bags of leaves left from the fall and took them to Shawville – Clarendon leaf & branches dump. A lot of other people were doing the same — and those I spoke to were surprised that the town is burning these leaves & debris out in the open. We were coughing in the smoke! We’re new in town ourselves, but we all thought this was banned by the province, not to mention by good sense, since the town could produce compost and sell it back, thus paying for it and making the whole project a bonus for local gardeners. Meanwhile farmers are trucking questionable “biosolids” in from Gatineau city to put on their fields. What is going on? Is open burning legal or not? If it is, why can we not just burn them in our back yards as we used to do? What are other municipalities doing? Can’t the Journal research this?

Mark Ramsey