Skewed priorities


The Quebec government is toying with the idea of yet again fixing the roof of the Big “O” stadium in Montreal. Presumed cost may reach one billion dollars. Money is promised to American hockey teams to play a few games in Quebec City. MNA’s of QC took a 30% pay increase. Subsidies for battery plants cost billions. Yet there is no money to invest in Quebec’s public education system.

The contract being negotiated by those who instruct, care for, and guide the youth of Quebec will be locked in for five years. Teachers are told: “Sorry you have workplace problems; we have other priorities. Endure your difficulties.”

The Quebec government is focused on “protecting the French language” by hurting English institutions. It is “shuffling chairs on the Titanic” as far as healthcare reform is concerned. Now in a patriarchal tone, it tells Quebec teachers it does not have the means nor the mandate to invest in an improved public education system.

Legault follows the footsteps of his predecessors. He has ignored what educators and health professionals tell him to his own electoral peril.

Carl Hager
Gatineau, QC