The state of Braun Road


I was in contact with your office last fall, following a meeting the residents of Braun Road had with the Mayor about plans for our road, and an article was written about this. In subsequent discussions with the Mayor, he continued to reassure us that the municipality will be doing work on the road such as improving ditches.

Nevertheless, I feel it necessary to share with you recent pictures.

My family went for a walk last night, and thankfully we were there to help my daughter who got STUCK IN THE ROAD! This was not a puddle, and it looked smooth and safe to us, however she could not get her foot out; it was near dusk and could have been a dangerous situation. While we found this comical at first, we realize this is not acceptable. Consequences could have been greater if it was a smaller child or animal or if this soft spot was larger and a car went over it. Usually, our complaints to the Mayor are about the numerous potholes, how they are damaging our cars, and making it difficult to take a walk with a stroller or a simple bike ride, but this situation has gotten worse.

Katherine Valcov
Photo: Layla Brackenridge