Warning given for Ottawa River flooding


Maryam Amini

PONTIAC – The Ottawa River Regulation Committee warns that minor flood levels may be exceeded in flood-prone areas along the river between Lake Coulonge and the Montreal area beginning Monday, April 17. Ottawa River levels and flows continue to rise due to snowmelt in the central and southern portions of the basin. Minor flooding is defined as the level at which portions of streets, lawns and parks begin to flood, but no homes or buildings are affected.

In the Pontiac, rising water was noted in several locations including Proudfoot Street in Fort-Coulonge, near the Century 21 Elite Draveur Recreation Centre and in Quyon, near their new Community Centre.

The Quyon River was also noted with fast running and rising waters.

Flood conditions can be found at https://geoegl.msp.gouv.qc.ca/adnv2/ or at 1-888-621-0059 for a recorded message describing the river forecast.