A response to “Energy sources”


Mr. Gauthier, I beg to differ with your first sentence, “Climate change is identified as the major problem confronting our planet”, in your column in the February 22 Pontiac Journal,

Consider this; as stated in The Equity in the February 22, 2023 edition – “96 new families required assistance from Pontiac Food Bank”. Also, the inflation we have today is in part due to the reckless overspending of our Federal government since 2015 and the resulting massive 1.3 trillion dollar debt now to be paid for by all Canadian taxpayers.

Inflation is the reason families are unable to feed themselves as costs and taxes continue to rise. I guarantee that humanitarian efforts will prioritize feeding the hungry over “Climate Change”. As well, there is little we can do to prevent climate change from happening as it’s always been changing and will continue to do so.

Sandra D Barber