Why should we pay taxes for a road that is not maintained?


Steele Rd, Quyon

This sign has been visible for quite some time at the corner of Steele Rd and Lac des Loups, and indicates it’s not a municipally maintained road. Why should we pay taxes for a road that is not maintained? Also, why was it paved twice in recent years? Residents of that area are not on municipal water and sewer lines, and the primary road to get to Steele Rd is Chemin du Lac Des Loups, which is maintained by the Ministère du Transport Québec (MTQ).

There is a large amount of traffic on the road, including equipment from businesses such as RM Lang, Mountainview Turf, Garfield Hobbs, Gardell Hobbs, Andy Leach and other business / agricultural owners.

This type of traffic is harder on the roadway. As well, there are also municipal right of ways for equestrian and ATV trails in that area.

This is not right for all who pay for this “zero-maintenance” road, and it appears potholes are only visible to Public Works after it rains but not visible enough to repair any other time. We would appreciate answers from Council and the Director General.

Also, there are two roadways that are not cleared for the winter, namely the north ends of Murray and Proven roads. Has the municipality considered that police, paramedics and firefighters must be advised of such closures, as this may cause delays in their response? It was brought to my attention that they weren’t informed of this situation; as every second counts, it seems council is not considering what may be a more logical service route for emergencies.

Marie-Anne Larose
Pontiac, QC