BGCP Fire Dept. Poker Run & Festivities

Photo – ATV riders gather at Tancredia on Calumet Island for the Second Annual BGCP Fire Department Poker Run. (DKS)

Dale Shutt

I’ÎLE-DU-GRAND-CALUMET – Saturday, May 4, over 100 ATV enthusiasts in 40 plus off-road vehicles gathered at Tancredia on Calumet Island for the Second Annual Poker Run, a fundraiser for the Bryson and Grand-Calumet Fire Department (BGCP). Participants received a map outlining the route. At each of the five designated stops drivers picked up a sealed envelope containing a playing card, gathering a complete five-card poker hand. Kelli Nitichkie, the newest recruit to the BGCP, and Rose Gravelle, a long-time member of the Bryson Lions Club, organized the event. Mme. Gravelle later expressed hope that events like this would “foster more joint participation between various community groups”.

After a BBQ lunch at the Côte Jaune, drivers continued to the final stop in Bryson where the Lion’s Club served a delicious chili supper.  Then the envelopes were opened, and the winning poker hands revealed.

With the winning hand, Krista Kluke received $400 cash. Coming second, Katelyn Zimmerling won $200, and Dominic Brison placed third winning $100.

The day capped off with music by The Dukes of Charteris band.  Local musicians Robert Wills, Tom Fishel, Bill Miron and Clifford Welsh rocked the Lion’s Club with a superb set of good old rock-and-roll.