Pontiac Legion Walk/Bike/Rock-a-thon

Photo - L/R: Lori Kensley, Mona Woodstock, Anne Ireland and Viola Gauthier walk the PPJ for the Pontiac Legion’s Walk/Bike/Rock-a-thon fundraiser May 5 in Campbell’s Bay. (CW)

Clifford Welsh

CAMPBELL’S BAY – Sunday morning, May 5, saw a good turnout of participants and encouragers for the Pontiac Legion’s Walk/Bike/Rock-a-thon Fundraiser in Campbell’s Bay. Participants could either walk or ride on the PPJ trail from Campbell’s Bay to Bank Road and back or rock in a rocking chair at the Legion for two hours.

According to President Ron Woodstock, funds raised from pledges will be going towards a planned building expansion into the empty space adjacent to the Legion clubhouse. The expansion of the facility will add approximately 800 sq. ft. to the existing footprint to allow for larger functions, such as dances, to be held.

A group of volunteer musicians including Cathy Scullion, Danny Davis and Pat Davis, provided entertainment throughout the day as rockers finished up and walkers returned from their expedition.

According to the Legion’s website, their ongoing mission is “to help provide essential services within our communities, including seniors support services, housing and care for the elderly, drop-in centres, Cadets, youth and sport programs, and much more.”