Call for Interest – Solar projects


MRC Pontiac launches call for interest in solar energy projects

Tashi Farmilo
Local Journalism Initiative

MRC PONTIAC – In a move toward renewable energy, during a recent council meeting, Kim Lesage, MRC director general, introduced a resolution initiating a call for interest for solar energy projects in the Pontiac, signaling the region’s potential as a leader in solar power in Quebec.

“Quebec Solar has determined the MRC is an area with very high solar potential, and Hydro Quebec is likely to proceed with future calls for tenders as it seeks to increase its production of renewable energy. This call for interest will allow the MRC to obtain market information and prepare for any potential projects or ideas aimed at producing solar energy in the Pontiac,” she explained.

According to the photovoltaic potential and solar resource map of Natural Resources Canada, the Pontiac region is among the areas with the highest potential in Quebec.

The call for interest, developed in collaboration with CREDDO (Conseil Régional de Développement Durable et d’Environnement de l’Outaouais), aims to gather information about the current market for solar energy. The document includes two annexes: criteria and weighting, and a form requiring the identification, presentation, and project summary of the promoter. The promoter must respond to social, economic, and environmental criteria, each with a specific weighting on a scale of 1 to 5.

The Renewable Energy Committee, chaired by Mayor Alain Gagnon (Bryson), voted to accept the call for interest documents and publish them on the SEAO website, Quebec’s electronic system for calls for tenders and interests. It was published on February 27, with a closing date of March 26.

The call for interest doesn’t commit the MRC to issuing any call for tenders or awarding contracts. Instead, it serves as a means to obtain relevant information about solar energy projects and prepare for potential future initiatives. At this time, there’s no exact date for responding to promoters who submit proposals, as it will depend on the number of submissions.