Consequences of history erased


The most recent embarrassing, shameful and unforgivable gesture by the Speaker of the House of Commons in honouring a former Waffen SS Nazi soldier, saw every MP, from every party represented, rising and clapping like trained seals. This event shines a glowing light on the consequences of both ignoring and erasing history.

An increasingly “woke” education system, influenced by a “hyper-woke” federal government, arguably can be credited as the root of this shocking display.  When our lawmakers pay homage to such a person, it points directly to what happens when we, as a society, put importance and emphasis on ‘sunshine and lollypops’ over the cold hard realities of the volatile world in which we live. This is troubling as it demonstrates our leaders do not have a firm grasp of the history, nor demographic fault line, of Ukraine, to which we are sending billions of dollars in materials and financial aid. Even worse, the despicable display on the Commons floor actually aided Putin in his deceptive narrative that Russia attacked Ukraine to stem a fascist threat within it. Such an embarrassment.

But what can be expected? These are the same lawmakers who have no problem wiping out our own history by pulling down the statues of our great-grandfathers’ heroes. These are the same legislators who are increasingly wiping away our values. Soon they will leave us with nothing to look up to. But perhaps this is what they want. A new nation, ignorant and full of self-guilt for the past, where the only thing we will have left to look up to is the great ‘sunny days’ sham that we were swindled into.

Todd Hoffman
Campbell’s Bay, QC