Pontiac needs an indoor pool!


One of the main priorities in the minds of residents of all ages in the Pontiac is the need for an indoor swimming pool. I know this from going door to door in two elections and I am always being asked about it. Currently, residents (especially young families) travel to Pembroke, Aylmer and Arnprior for aquatic exercise and swimming lessons. To use pools in Ontario we pay more and in the end the dollars flow out of the Pontiac. There have been many attempts over the years to plan and organize a pool project with government funding. The most recent was through the committee Piscine Pontiac in 2020 asking for $7.6 M from the provincial government for an aqua-gym. Unfortunately, Pontiac was not successful as there were $2 billion dollars of requests with only $294 M of provincial funds available.

We have another opportunity this fall. The government has pledged $300 M per year for the next 12 years. We have re-vamped the last design to exclude the gym and focus instead on the 25-meter 4-lane length pool and the warm aqua-therapy pool for aquafit and therapy. There could be a phase two eventually adding the gym. The 2-acre location was decided three years ago in Fort-Coulonge near the arena.

I am looking for enthusiastic citizens across the Pontiac representing all eighteen municipalities who realize the necessity for this important infrastructure. Please contact me as soon as possible through my email: prefete@mrcpontiac.qc.ca or call 819.647.8198.

These pools are for everyone! All ages, all abilities and disabilities and available 12 months of the year! The pools have ramp access for walkers and wheelchairs. We still have many people who have never learned to swim, it can be used for much needed physiotherapy and as an effective way to lose weight and become healthier. We have twenty-seven percent of residents of senior age and this facility will promote social activity and longer life. Many professionals (especially doctors) have told me that to bring their families to live in the Pontiac they require an amenity like the pool. The facility will provide approximately 24 part-time and full-time jobs. It will be the newest aqua-centre in the Ottawa/Outaouais Valley!

We have from now to December 5th to submit our application…LET’S GO FOR IT PONTIAC! We can do it together!

Please contact me to show your interest and support! Thank you!

Jane Toller MRC Warden