Courage Under fire


I am writing to thank our L’Isle-aux-Allumettes Mayor Corey Spence for accepting the request of 16 other mayors and, particularly, the MRC Warden, to take the lead in presenting publicly the results of the EFW project’s Initial Business Plan, as prepared by Deloitte and Ramboll. Where controversial issues often evoke strong emotions and differing opinions, it takes a person of great character and integrity to step forward to communicate to the masses. Mayor Spence accepted the challenge and responsibility knowing the controversy surrounding this project. His willingness to take on the task of presenting at five separate town hall sessions, despite the challenges and criticisms, is commendable. Even though our municipal council has unanimously voted to adopt a motion to rescind our original support of the incineration project in the Pontiac, Mayor Spence continues to demonstrate strong leadership, professionalism, personal integrity, and respect. We thank you for your ongoing commitment and your courage in tackling the tough issues.

Councillor Nancy Mcguire,