Oh, Hooley Night


Last Friday [May 10], as the regulars assembled for the weekly song circle gathering at the Anglican Church Hall, the mood was already enthusiastic; audience seats were three quarters full, and we all felt that a good evening was before us. Then the community overdrive set in, as members of the Pontiac Youth Council arrived, and the energy level jumped up. Among them were some I recognized as having played significant roles in the high school play three weeks ago, and one who had worked at the Pontiac Museum two summers.

My mind was revving up, trying to put together who these young people were, whom I’d seen in other settings, and who were their parents, and all the things that go into making a feeling of community continuity. We all had to up our musical game, as the youngsters joined in the circle with extraordinary talent obvious all around them.  Some of the Hooley regulars formed a dance circle, joined by the youths and Warden Toller, the dancing started, it all took off, the energy was electric.We had to play our best.

My conclusion: these young people will take good care of the world – when we oldsters get too tired to do the job. The future’s going to be alright.

Robert Wills,
Shawville and Thorne