Elections and a referendum?


In the Journal’s English-language editorial of Sept 21, “Election: two truths, two myths”, Mr Ryan states that none of the parties in this past election suggesting a referendum have ever juggled the complexities of government (on top of running a contentious referendum).

I believe the PQ did govern, and did run (a losing) referendum. Perhaps its merely semantics, but I think he could have been clearer .

Anyway, we need high-quality candidates, those dedicated to the betterment of society, not those who want to open up all government services for the ravages of private for-profit enterprise.

Carl Hager

REPLY: Correct! And, yes, semantics: I had intended to infer that it was the
PQ’s famous referendum which began that party’s ignoble slide to oblivion. From Rene Levesque’s high point, the party has now fallen to a single seat in the National Assembly. Pauline Marois’ behaviour assisted that slide. – FR