Fight to overhaul the property evaluation process

Empty foyer of newly constructed home

This year, with our municipal tax bill in Alleyn-et-Cawood, we received notices of assessment showing a comparative factor of 3.7, meaning a staggering 370% increase in house values when the triennial role comes in effect in 2025. This shocking increase is not only unsustainable for residents but is also likely to be mirrored in other MRC Pontiac communities if we don’t take action.

Upon receiving these notices, our community was outraged and spoke out to council. In response, we swiftly organized a dedicated task force composed of residents, the administration of the municipality, the mayor, and councillors to fight this unfair increase. We initiated a petition, gathering over 275 signatures in just 11 days.

Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. At the last council meeting on June 3, Jane Toller, MRC Pontiac warden, announced the 370% increase won’t be applied to residential properties, and we’ll find out the new evaluations on September 15. While this represents a significant victory, the fight is far from over. The underlying provincial assessment process remains deeply flawed, with the comparative factor failing to reflect the true value of homes.

We’ve secured the support of our local MNA, André Fortin, who is presenting our petition to the National Assembly. Once the petition is approved and posted online, we aim to gather thousands of signatures from all surrounding Quebec communities. This broader support is crucial as similar assessments could soon affect your communities.

We’ve also asked all mayors of the MRC Pontiac to sign a letter to Minister Andrée Laforest, urging her to change this unfair and outdated process. The government often pushes responsibility to municipalities, but when a policy is wrong, unfair, and outdated, it’s the government’s duty to fix it. Elected officials have the power to make meaningful changes, and we’re holding them accountable to do just that.

We kindly call on all residents of the MRC Pontiac to support our efforts. Join us in
signing the petition, attending our upcoming town hall meeting on June 22, and voicing your concerns. The town hall in Alleyn-et-Cawood will feature information, a Q&A
period, and, of course, coffee and snacks.

We will fight for fairness for all homeowners in the Pontiac. We’re far from Quebec City, but we’re taxpayers and voters. We demand a fair and transparent property assessment process. Together, we can achieve lasting change and fairness for all of Quebec.

Sidney Squitti and Guy Bergeron
Task force members and municipal councillors