Incinerator dreams


Wait – did you say $450,000,000 to build the incinerator? 450 MILLION dollars? That’s equivalent to the entire MRC Pontiac budget for 45 years. That’s equivalent to a thousand new $450,000 houses. Housing crisis?

That’s almost half a billion bucks! Where would all that money come from? It has to be either private equity or government. If it’s investors, after the consultants, lawyers and planners have taken away their big slice, the financiers will expect to make a profit on the venture. That money is not staying here in the Pontiac. If it’s government money, that would come from more taxes on Canadians.

And what’s in it for us? Currently the MRC budgets less than $2 million a year for waste management. So, this project isn’t really about our garbage at all. Let’s keep it simple – reduce, reuse, recycle. Leave me the birds and the bees.

Peter Ruppell,